• Canon Ixus 400
    My one and only "normal" (i.e., not lomographic) camera.
  • Colorsplash
    My first lomographic camera, slightly beat up but still very serviceable. Her name is "Git": the result of Denning's lamentable sense of humor.
  • Holga
    Since every Lomographic camera is unique, my Holga is named "Ming II". The original was named by my fellow blogger and photographer, Pootergeek and was lost tragically in a unfortunate combination of incompetence and theft.
  • Frogeye
    My third Lomo, "Froggy", made its debut on my recent trip to Boracay. Underwater photos are tricky...
  • Fisheye Lens
    This is an accessory for Ming II, my Holga.
  • Tunnel Vision Lens
    A convenient accessory for Ming II (Holga) and Denning's Lomo LCA (affectionately named Boris).

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