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Amen, girl!


Amen and alleluia! I am requiring my students to read this. Seriously.

The irony is, if you ever try to get this published, people will ignore you because of that still, small voice at the back of their heads saying, "she might be right...but no, she's a young girl, how can she be right?"

"Argh" appears to be the coping word of the century in this country.



Thank God for people like you.

I hope it's all right for me to post this entry on my journal and link this site. :)


Hi Rosa! I see you found my little patriotic blog. Feel free to link away and pass it on. Thanks for the kind words.


Totally f'n amazing writing!


Thanks! This is proving to be my most cited entry so far. Despite the fact that I wrote it after a sugar rush brought on by half a dozen cookies.


yep! i agree with you...how i wish every Filipino would feel the same. but i'm still hopeful...God has a great promise! i believe that it will happen...www.gawadkalinga.org


If they don't it's because no one tells them enough about how great our country really is, and how much we can accomplish.

Omar Cruz

Hi Maoi!

Ha, I didn't notice this is your blog until I saw some pictures and searched your name in Google to verify if this is you. And it is, because this appeared on the search result.

By the way, time and again, inspiring as ever. :)

P.S. I added you on my LJ friends if that's ok with you. Regards.


I too am hopeful that someday majority of the Filipinos will realize this...


Loved your post. We've been in Manila for the past year and we LOVE it here!! :)



Argh ! The truth really hurts !!!!!

At several points I found myself laughing while reading your article - recognizing myself , and honestly - I FEEL EMBARRASSED and ASHAMED, and I thank you a lot for making me feel like that !! I get to know myself more-especially my own flaws as a Filipino. Also, I get to understand why I felt "LOST" while trying to integrate and assimilate esp with my "host culture". Thank you for reminding me that I am a Filipino! And YES - Thank God, I am a Filipino !!!

As they say, we often if not always see the flaws in others and in the system, but very seldom our very own. And yes, if we hope for change - IT HAS TO START WITH OURSELVES.

Again, MARAMING SALAMAT !!Mabuhay ka Maoi !

P.S.: hopefully it's OK, too that i post this article in my journal and in some sites we have here in Sweden. /jena


God bless you big time! yes, indeed there is hope for the filipinos knowing that people like you exist...continue hoping, thanks for the inspiration)...

Greg Moeno

I love what you are writing here Maoi.

It's hard to change because as many always say, "kakainin ka ng sistema". From the president, all the way to the janitor in a government office is doing something illegal. And it's hard when you're the only person trying to change. But I agree with you, we need to keep doing right thing.

As Guy Kawasaki once said "obey the absolutes".

Keep sharing your thoughts and goodluck to your business. We need more Pinoys to inspire and lead this country.


Is there a place in the US or back home for a Filipino non-believer?


I searched for your name in google after reading your article from angbagongpinoy.org I'd just like to see who wrote this amazing amazing article. Nice to see a fellow patriot, online.

Mabuhay po!


Can we repost your blogs on Bayanihan Post?


Just to get back with what Omar has posted on the 22nd of Novemer 05 saying,
"I too am hopeful that someday majority of the Filipinos will realize this..."

Well, i for once would like to add that if someday somehow Filipino's will come to realise and will get to know more of what we were and what a hard life we've been before, then i'm hopeful too that we'll get to learn from our mistakes. Filipinos have been having a hardbound life aside from some people who are wealthy but until now we are looked down and yes we do look down on ourselves if i'm being honest. So what then? Where are we going?

For the love of our country and ourselves we should be much obliged to make a resort and contribute to it's development and care. Each person should rethink and give some serious thought about it. It shouldn't be taken as for a laugh but we need to come up to it in our senses to face what we have to look forward to.

If one cruel downturn of our nation is corruption, can't that be brought into a halt? If that is the core problem in government, can we avoid the hell out of it? Is there any other way to avoid that torture so developments and welfare of the people will be given? Wages and salaries should increase. Jobs should flourish and prices should go down and not that we can't afford no more. But they paralyse us and kill us through all this.

Are we saying that our government really haven't got the guts to perform as most of us Filipino's wishes to be?

..and can't Philippines be able to make or form a feasible system that works properly so we won't be going in circles with all this pain again and again that's not going anywhere but it's just always been a struggle?

..Oh dear, what would you have to do? Why can't we Filipino's unify to bring a big subject of discussion in the government and with the people, to bring about views, ideas and suggestions, and get the best things out of it to move on.

If one can give a little thought, then altogether we can make a great thought out of it. Definitely we need to do something to pave a way from our hardstricken lives, and the failing economy, authorities and the government should be the light in our paths and sure they need to protect and provide for us as a father to the children.

When can we learn how to protect our own and make up what we've got left. Tell me, what happened to our resources, have they been locked and unable to produce wealth and creations of anymore basic developments? Can't we Filipino's not able to run our own resources and unable to make it flourish into a wider market around the world? We should do more of that but can we? Have we lost the right and have given up the fight without anymore to give? What's going to happen to our children's and children's children generation? Will you just be allowing it for them to be treated as slave or have an ill treatment from everyone else? Why are we too fearful and too lazy to use our minds, our hearts, hands to bring a brand new start.

I beleive each one would be happy to see our own country rise and flourish if we give it a real good chance. Can we have a better balance of control and to withstand the challenges and demands and the downturns of economy and as well as globally. That requires us more focus and more work has to be done beyond the naked eye.

Of course everyone would like to think that this matter should be dealt with starting from the top inside Government, down to the lowest. Also from Businesses, Media, Universitie's, Colleges, Schools, the bylaws, the whole system and families to be well informed and have got the necessary education to work on. And if families are supported, the quality of life will get better. Filipino's will have more smile on thier faces and we'll know better what to do. We'll face a better and brighter tomorrow so what have you to ask than for us to move forward. As of now, tayo'y isang kayod, isang tuka. Karamihan sa atin we feel low and we dread the economy and the situation of our country.


sorry, i've got that down for a rush lang po.
thanks to all!


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